Founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2007, under the Tawazun Holding group, Caracal International is the region's leading manufacturer of firearms, sniper rifles and other light weapons, which caters to international civilian, military, law enforcement and sporting markets.

In addition to producing a full range of pistols, tactical sniper rifles, hunting rifles, and assault rifles, we also offer a variety of arms accessories, full weapon repair, as well as maintenance & servicing work packages.

All of Caracal's products are designed, developed and manufactured in Abu Dhabi – a city which is steadily making a name for itself as the Middle Eastern expert hub for strategic manufacturing. As the market continues to evolve, so do the demands and needs of its customers. As part of our commitment to providing innovative weapons solutions, we conduct regular research studies to identify changing customer needs, allowing us to stay up to date with emerging market trends.

Caracal has united experts from all corners of the globe to ensure international best practice in light weapons manufacture. We apply a stringent quality management system throughout the manufacturing process and are committed to incorporating ergonomic design with innovative and safe shooting solutions. All our products are under internationally-registered patents and have been verified through independent tests.

Caracal has created a name for itself by combining high performance products with reliable customer service; we apply an equal focus on aftersales care as we do on product manufacturing. We are proud to be able to attract repeat customers by addressing their changing needs and customizing products to match their demands.

By owning a Caracal product, you can be assured of a holistic combination of safety, speed, reliability, quality and dependable after sale care.