CARACAL also offers full technical support for maintenance and repair of weapons systems along with certified armorer and operator basic to advanced training. 

The creation of these high-quality weapons and services in Abu Dhabi reflects the drive within the UAE to become a strategic defense and manufacturing hub in the Gulf region which in parallel supports the critical requirement to create a strong UAE defense industrial base.

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CARACAL Offers Refund or Replacement for Recalled Pistols*

*offers to vary per Country

CARACAL previously issued a recall of all CARACAL Model C and F pistols. The conditions identified in the recall have the potential to cause injury to CARACAL pistol users and members of the public, including possibly allowing the pistol to fire when dropped onto a hard surface with a round of ammunition in the chamber and the slide potentially breaking apart when the pistol is fired. 

CARACAL has announced that as part of the ongoing recall of ALL CARACAL Model C and Model F pistols, it will provide customers with either a full refund or a new enhanced CARACAL Model F pistol. 

If you have not yet returned your CARACAL Model F or Model C pistol, there are potentially two options available for returning your CARACAL pistol: 

Option A - is the return of your CARACAL pistol for a full refund of the purchase price.
Option B - is or if available in your country- the return of your CARACAL pistol for a new enhanced CARACAL Model F as a replacement.
If you own or have access to a recalled CARACAL Model F or Model C pistol, PLEASE DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE YOUR PISTOL. 

If you sold or transferred your CARACAL Model F or Model C pistol, please send this notice to the new owner and contact customer care below and provide us with your Country, your name and phone number and contact information for the person to whom you sold or transferred it to, so that we can also provide them with recall assistance. 

To exchange your CARACAL pistol

Contact us at +971 2 2015 282 or and provide us with your country, your name, address, telephone number, the serial number of your pistol, and the batch number on the slide. We or our agent will contact you about recalling your pistol.