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CARACAL Sign Initiative to Develop Shooting Sports in the UAE

3 October 2022

CARACAL, a leading small arms manufacturer and entity within EDGE, one of the top 25 advanced technology and defence groups in the world, signed an initiative with International Golden Group (IGG) and Al Forsan Holding Group, to promote and develop local shooting sports hobbyists.

On 2 October at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2022), the initiative was signed with a framework for the three companies to cooperate in encouraging citizens to develop and hone their skills in the sport of shooting. The initiative was signed by CARACAL CEO Hamad Alameri, IGG Deputy CEO Khalifa Al Balushi and Sultan Al Kaabi on behalf of Al Forsan Holding Group CEO.

The Al Forsan International Sports Resort will facilitate the training as well as provide an encouraging environment for amateur shooters. 

Alameri said, “We are extremely proud to be a part of this initiative and play an important role in the development of UAE nationals capable of competing professionally in shooting competitions on the international stage. The Al Forsan Resort provides shooting education, modern facilities and fields, in line with all Olympic standards. CARACAL will be supporting the initiative at the Al Forsan Resort, where trained professionals will provide enthusiasts at all levels with the services necessary to learn the sport, while adhering to all safety measures.”

The initiative is aimed at creating strategic partnerships with government institutions to form and support shooting teams representing the UAE at local, regional and international shooting events and forums.

Pistol, rifle and hunting firearm training will be provided at the Al Forsan International Sports Resort with various shooting ranges and fields, in addition to educating young enthusiasts on firearm safety and security procedures. Additionally, mobile shooting containers will be utilised at national and recreational events as a catalyst for growing the sport in the UAE.